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I normally hate these memes that set out to create some lame connection between random elements of celebrity in order to score a few extra subscriptions… But it’s Kermit and CHRISTIAN BALE. How can that not be hilarious!?

One is arguably one of the greatest actors of our time, using an intense combination of method acting while drawing on a wide array of deeply personal experiences to bring out each of his troubled characters… The other is Christian Bale. (sorry, that joke sucked but the guy acts like such a douche sometimes, the dad joke material writes itself)

Anyway… enjoy the hours of work some weirdo has put into finding these pics.


The followup event to the hugely successful 2009 concept by Transworld Skate Mag in the US, four teams were given a warehouse and 9 days to Skate and Create a mini video part.

Shoewear brands AdidasFallenLakai and Etnies competed under the following criteria:

  • The four teams are made up of a total of six skaters—four pros and two ams.
  • Each team is given nine days in a warehouse with the same set of obstacles.
  • Each team is allowed one art director on site.
  • Each team is assigned one TWS photographer to shoot a feature article for the magazine.
  • Each team is allowed a film crew to produce a video for
  • The final photo and video product is judged by the TWS edit staff (minus S&C coordinators Skin Phillips and Josh Brooks) on the level of skating, creativity, the use of obstacles, and overall image and video quality.
  • The winner gets the cover of the magazine and will have a spot reserved in Skate & Create 2011.

They each produced rad videos which you can scope out here but in my opinion, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.


You know when you keep coming across something even though you’re not looking for it?

Well I’m having one of those months, so here’s another tidbit in the spirit of the Rage playlist I posted the other day. This time it’s the 50 best music videos from the 90’s as rated by Pitchfork.

My absolute favorites are:

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

UNKLE (Feat Thom Yorke) – Rabbit in Your Headlights

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy


Having said that, all the songs are pretty awesome and made me feel crazy nostalgic. With greatness from Beck, The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer and of course, Nirvana also making the cut, there’s something to tickle every fancy.

Favorites people?


So here's the scenario: You are a millionaire 10 times over. You already have your own hover craft, mansion in every capital city and a different car for everyday of the week. You think to your self "I still haven't spend enough money on stuff I don't really need."

The people over at Seabreacher can help you out with that. For as little as $65,000USD you can become a friggin dolphin!

Check out the demo:

See more at the Seabreacher official website:

I love watermelon as much as the next person, but in Japan they’ve taken their love to a heady new level. Behold and be-awed:


They’ve got shaped fruits which come in at around $70USD apiece…


Watermelon flavoured Kit Kats…


Watermelon art…

A bus stop in Ishaya City…


And most wonderful of all… The ‘Tama-chan’ watermelon cooling and transport device.


These little guys come in at about $230USD, allowing you to transport your watermelon with ease in a wonderfully cooled and hellishly unnecessary stroller type contraption. They even come with a net bag to make putting the melon in and out of the device easier. With Six LEDs for added futuristic effect’ you’re sure to be the life of any outing (just make sure the melon’s pre-filled with Vodka).


From the (translated) review on the Tama-chan:

After braving a walk around the neighbourhood with Tama-chan, you might sort of get attatched to it and regard it as a pet. It gives you this urge to show it off to friends, and motivates you to go outside and have fun. Afterall, you’d need to go on a camping trip or dozen to get the money’s worth.’ 


Read more about the reviewers adventures here  

I only have two stickers on my beloved macbook pro… One that says “i love because” from my previous life as the founder of a clothing company.

The other says STYLEWARS – Because attending the first few of these annual snowboard contests at Falls Creek in Australia is STILL one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Let me explain why: They just keep stepping up the crazy.

Here is the insane course setup they’ve implemented for this year’s competition which kicked off last night.

more details from our good friends at snowlife here

[ EDIT : Day one of Stylewars has been fogged out, check out some pics at Pop Mag]

We’ve all said it at some stage in our lives.

Walking aimlessly amongst the IKORBROGBA lounges or the GAAAHWONK library furnishings, you will often hear someone mention softly to their newly appointed de facto partner… “how awesome would it be to have a massive game of hide and seek in IKEA?”

Well, by the looks of it you’re too late because the FB event has been removed but here’s what it looks like yesterday morning.

The Facebook page earlier this morning.

via The Age

I have been trying to find the person who designed the original version of this picture for a whole day now…It was left on a music forum and I thought it was brilliant so rebuilt the image and used it as my FB profile pic.

Love your work, whoever you are.


via Lonsdale

The magic of time lapse photography is the way it showcases every day life in a whole new format, illuminating daily regularities as the baby steps towards something far greater.

These guys probably never considered their work as ‘beautiful’… But after viewing 4 days work in under 4 minutes, it’s hard to see their ant like behaviour as anything but.


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