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While I was writing up a post over at my other haunt I discovered this little gem of a gallery…
"In the year Frankie Goes To Hollywood released "Relax" only to see it banned from Radio One, impromptu staring matches became the surprise office fad that swept the nation"
"The StarLink system created several workstations from a single IBM computer, and coincided with the great office workspace shortage of '83."
More of 80s office gold over at the gallery on Computer Weekly.
Geek out, kids!

Ever wanted to tell a story?

Tend to get upset that your graphic designer mates have a cool online folio / ebook / storyboard to back up their new idea, but you wouldn’t know where to start?

Well now you do. is an online storytelling tool that allows you to quickly compile and tell your unique story on just about any platform or device.
I’m yet to think of all the wonderful ways this may come in handy, but for now just check out some of the cool sites people have put together already.


found via @jymmysim


For those of you lucky enough to be friends with anyone even remotely talented, you will understand the implicit pleasure and pain of being close to them as they create.

Pleasure for being so close to something beautiful as it’s born into the world.
And at times, pain for the deeply shameful feeling we get when realising we’re a bit jealous of their talent.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the crew sitting at Local Native’s feet and times that by a million.
This is utterly magical viewing.

For those of you wonderful people who only check our blog for happy things, please stick with this (at times) confronting video by French artist JR.
He has just been announced as the Winner of the highly prestigious TED Prize Winner for 2010, and after watching a video about his work, I’m sure you can see why.

TED Prize Director Amy Novogratz describes him this way: “JR’s mind-blowing creations have inspired people to see art where they wouldn’t expect it and create it when they didn’t know they could”


read the full story on the website that literally changed the course of my life – TED.Com

Just while I’m in a particularly furniture loving mood right now, another post about some super cool and creative pieces to spice up your home or office.


Each one of these puppies is entirely customisable and come with a clever, built-in cabinet… More than just a pretty typeface.
Design your own, or just write your name in cupboards like we did here

found via @Minervity

These guys make me want to do an Interior Design degree just so I can justify eating more lollies as “product testing”.

Gummy Bear Chandelier, anyone?
Or maybe you’re in the market for something a little creamier?

Not hungry? How about a game of musical chairs around your new musical table? 
Or one of these other super colourful blasts from the past?

Check out the whole range at Jellio

Often, those of us who are very good at selling things are actually very bad at selling ourselves.

Much like the plumber who uses an outhouse at home or the carpenter living in the only half-finished house on the block, ad agencies are oft-maligned for their lackadaisical websites or their characteristically removed approach to recruitment.

Here is a lovely exception. I would be stoked to work here, even though I’ve only just heard of them. 
They dared to give me a reason to care.

If you’re like most people these days, you spend the majority of your working day behind a computer screen. And more than likely, it’s covered in little notes to keep yourself amused / interested / focused / etc

Mac users have long been blessed with a great little app called ‘Stickies’ which is essentially a digital version of these for your desktop, but one of the world’s leading young bloggers Jack Cheng has put together a cool little version for anyone to use anytime, for free. 


It’s called and it’s the simplest thing in the world.
Just enter your reminder message on the sticky note, save it as your home page and then everytime you open a new window, you’ve got a bright yellow reminder pointing you in the right direction.

But as Jack says in his full explanation of the side project, remember to change it at least once a week… Just like real sticky notes, if you look at them too long, the message gets stale and we stop paying attention.

What sticky notes do you use to keep yourself motivated? Here are some I use every day…

Do you have an even better method?
Leave a comment and let us know!

McDonald's wedding

As someone who is about to partake in the traditional exchange of vows, I must say this is both sickening and super awesome.

Sickening: Because it’s sickening.
Super awesome: Because if you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know how many times you say to yourself under your breath, “there has to be an easier McWay to get McMarried”


Well now you know. Simply head to your nearest (Hong Kong) McDonalds, grab the nearest balloon-dress maker and as quick as you can say ‘Have A Nice Day’, you’re stuck eating the same happy meal for the rest of your life. Hooray!


If you haven’t already lost your lunch… Read the full story here

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