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How’s your year going so far? Feel like you could do with another reason to celebrate?

Well at That’s Ace! we’ve just passed 60,000 site views, and we figured that was as good a reason as any to launch a new weekly feature we call FREE MUSIC FRIDAY.

Each Friday afternoon, we plan to bring you something new to listen to, absolutely free. 
That might mean a great SoundCloud we tracked down, a link to an iTunes track or in this case, a brand new mashup EP by Tumblewoof.
Who is Tumblewoof? Nobody, yet. But if he keeps mixing up some interesting sounds like these, that might change soon. It’s not going to blow your mind, but we figured it’s a fun place to start with for this week.



Download the EP here or enjoy two preview tracks here (the second one is best)

Note to artists: Feel free to send us a link to new tunes you would like us to feature

If you’ve sat through the brilliant premise (and painful delivery) of shows like Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts then you probably know just how important a site like this is.

If, however you are comfortable in the knowledge that children made your pants for less than it costs you to send a text message; this post is not for you.


How Big Is Your Eco describes itself as ‘The Eco Ethical Fashion Directory’, urging you to sustain labels that sustain your world.
Full disclosure, I’ve been running a clothing label for nearly 8 years now and I wouldn’t wish ridiculous fashion bullshit on anyone, much less the existential issues that arise from only partial understanding of how and where your clothing is manufactured.

If you are even slightly interested in being part of the solution, sites like this are a great start.

Here is an absolute treat for anyone who has ever wondered how someone like Michel Gondry goes about creating one of his masterpieces.

If you haven’t had the chance to appreciate his brilliance in films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or even perennial video clip requests like the Foo Fighters classic Everlong, then please take a second to enjoy this cracker from 2001: Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers.

Now, clearly this kind of project requires a ton of pre-production, so now we invite you to spend 10 minutes inside the mind of one of the most creative film makers in the world.
I completely understand if it feels like a long, drawn out video because I’m sure that’s exactly what it takes to create something with this level of complexity, however if you really want to skip the sketches… Make sure you check out around the 5 1/2 minute mark when it all comes together. 

I love some of these rewound movie synopses from the new site: If you watch it backwards

If you watch The King’s Speech backwards, it’s about a speech therapist who teaches King George how to stammer uncontrollably while speaking in public.

If you watch Jaws backwards, it’s about a shark throwing up people until they’re forced to open the beach up. In addition, the shark saves a sinking boat by putting it back together with its mouth.

If you watch 127 hours backwards it’s a lovely film about a disabled man finding an arm in the desert.

If you watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory backwards it’s about a crazy man who spends all his money on an elaborate factory until he has to kick everyone out, including his favorite kid who is forced into poverty.

If you watch Lord Of The Rings backwards, it’s about a midget that finds a cool ring in a volcano and then spends the rest of the films walking home.

I’m hoping they keep this up.

I try not to post many video clips or album reviews because there are so many people out there with better knowledge and musical vocabulary than I.
That said, I haven’t stopped listening to this Goose album for months and now they have a rad new clip to go with the title track, Synrise. Enjoi

Now, I loved these books as much as the next nerd but I’m still weighing up whether or not to grab my house robes and attend what promises to be a dangerously understaffed school excursion.

Organisers of the July 9th Melbourne Harry Potter Project have lain out the following day of activities:

# There will be a duel between Dumbledore’s Army/Order of the Phoenix & the Death Eaters.
# We will stumble into the bookstores looking for a magic spell book & asking the staff to find it, surprising people in bookstores.
# We will study muggles through the eyes of wizards.
# We will have a group photoshoot, & house photoshoots.
# Lunch with fellow Harry Potter fans to discuss the upcoming movie & the series.
# We will all point our wands towards the sky in tribute to Dumbledore, the Potter series & an action of thanks for all these years of such wonderful stories that J.K. Rowling has shared with us.

You can find out more from their Facebook event page, but if this kind of tomfoolery is anything to go by I’ll be steering well clear…


Thought you’d seen every visual homage to the greatest boxer of all time? Not quite.
Check out this recently completed work from artist Michael Kalish, entitled reALize, commissioned by the former Mr. Cassius Clay himself.

ReALize took Kalish 3 years to complete and incorporates 1,300 speed balls, two miles of aluminium tubing and five miles of stainless steel cabling.



The results are in for the inaugural TED Ads Worth Spreading competition and my oh my, aren’t they a bunch of beauties.
We here at That’s Ace! had big plans to submit our own uniquely Australian concept but fell short due to lack of quality

Click here to check out the whole bunch at or simply enjoy some of our favourites from the Top 10.

DULUX // Dulux Walls
I recently had the good fortune to hear one of the creators of this campaign speak about the Let’s Colour Project, He basically said the whole point was to use paint to brighten up people’s lives, and film it in real time to show the extraordinary effect that colour can have on all of us. They went out into communities all around the world, searching for people who were trying to beautify their neighbourhood and just gave them as much paint as they needed. 


CHRYSLER // Born of Fire
Just a really great example of a brand capturing the essence of it’s story. Fans of 8 Mile, luxury cars and Americana rejoice

NIKE FOUNDATION // Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking
Great use of an technique called “kinetic typography”, animation which turns everyday information into an audio/visual infographic. This was put together by the brilliant chaps at W+K, who just happen to be situated down the street from Nike in Oregon.

BATELCO // Infinity
Jaw dropping ad that brings the Bahrain Telco to life.

Picture_2 is a website that allows budding video clip directors and film makers to create the official video clips for some of the world’s biggest live acts. 

Anyone can do it, but there is some pretty stiff competition as you can see from their winners page.

This one is a personal favourite from one of my favourite bands of all time, Royksopp.
Go make your high school media teacher proud, submit a movie full of drug references just for the late night Rage viewers!

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