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On January 1st last year, Coca Cola sent 3 people around the world in a year.
To be specific, they sent them to all 206 countries the carbonated beverage is served, in 365 days.

Yes, this was a marketing campaign.
But in our opinion, this is the kind of branded stuff that makes brands earn our eyeballs.

Sit back and smile… This is what makes the whole world happy.

found via @MikeFromEngage 


Imagine an App that surveys the use of certain words and amount of mistakes made while you’re typing a text, which then pops up a little message like the one above if you go over a certain quota. As far as I know, this doesn’t exist yet, but if it did? Genius! 

Although on some reflection, I’d probably read it while drunk and slur at the screen ‘shoows whaat you knnnow computer phoone’ then hit send, safe in the knowledge that I had trumped technology…. Until reading my sent messages the next morning…

Reminiscent in equal parts of a dark Hayao Miyazaki, Aeon Flux, Blade Runner, The Neverending Story (book version), and any other late 70’s early 80’s Sci Fi weirdness, the prolific work of Kilian Eng from DW Design is worth obsessing over.

 Every image invokes a persistent nostalgia that I’m sure has something to do with being born in the 80’s and being exposed liberally to the above influences. The pictures offer the most fleeting view into a larger world and storyline that I’ve spent a long time wishing I could see more of, and with the recent release of a trailer for a short animated film this looks set to become a reality.


To be honest, this is probably the darkest thing you’ll ever see on our website, but hopefully you’ll understand why we’ve posted it… The attention to detail is second to none, which is exactly what we are always searching the web for.

It also happens to feature one of our favourite Aussie creative exports, Mr. Timba Smits (of Wooden Toy Magazine)… Crank up the full screen HD version and see if you can spot his name.

According to their website, OFFF was created over a decade ago as ‘a post-digital festival that has since developed into ‘a way of understanding art’.

Learn more about this amazing initiative here

Beautiful short film of footage from the Cassini spacecraft set to a haunting Nine Inch Nails from the Ghosts I – IV release.

I love the way that the video feels like a teaser for some epic space film (and wish that it was).   

From the NASA page about Cassini: “We’re looking at a string of remarkable discoveries — about Saturn’s magnificent rings, its amazing moons, its dynamic magnetosphere and about Titan’s surface and atmosphere,” says Dr. Linda Spilker, Cassini project scientist. “Some of the mission highlights so far include discovering that Titan has Earth-like processes and that the small moon Enceladus has a hot-spot at its southern pole, jets on the surface that spew out ice crystals and evidence of liquid water beneath its surface.”


Via boingboing


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