Monthly Archives: July 2011

I’m totally loving the genius of Bad Lip Reading’s interpretations of popular songs, especially this version of Michael Buble’s ‘Haven’t met you yet’. 

I present… 

Russian Unicorn

“Oh, the night is young
Now baby we could shoot a Russian unicorn
We’ll probably do it on the couch
While my roomie’s out hiking
So take if off and bite your tongue
And hope my roommate don’t come home”

I’m going to be singing this for days. 

Some might call them anarchists.
Some might just call them weird, but this documentary reveals how a select group of Cave Clan-esque types are reclaiming underground spaces to experience something totally unique.

While this kind of stuff may not be for everyone (hey, that’s kinda the point, right?), we really enjoyed living vicariously through this bunch of middle-earthers for 20 minutes.

Favourite quote…

“After about 7 or 8 minutes of frantically treading water… I guess I started to drown”


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