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It’s been a long time coming… But MS Encarta ’95 is finally making its comeback, thanks to Wikipedia blacking itself out in protest at SOPA

Dear Photograph,
Thank you for giving my husband one more time to hold his grandmother in his arms.  She passed away before we could get to her side in Costa Rica.


Dear Photograph,
Balboa Park… I got engaged here, married here and now I’m alone again. But when I come to sit on these steps once more, I remember my parents had very little, and yet they made our childhood rich with fond memories. That is what keeps smiling.

Dear Photograph,
Thirty three years ago, while driving through the middle of the Sahara desert, my moustache was just a part of who I was. Day 19 of Movember 2011, it means so much more.

“I have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle. Because equilateral’s just not chaotic enough for my taste… And isosceles is so mainstream”

NB. Yes, we agree the term hipster is thrown around far too liberally these days but we couldn’t help but applaud Lauren & Sabrina’s copywriting… The oversized glasses didn’t hurt Lauren’s deadpan delivery either!


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