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Now, I loved these books as much as the next nerd but I’m still weighing up whether or not to grab my house robes and attend what promises to be a dangerously understaffed school excursion.

Organisers of the July 9th Melbourne Harry Potter Project have lain out the following day of activities:

# There will be a duel between Dumbledore’s Army/Order of the Phoenix & the Death Eaters.
# We will stumble into the bookstores looking for a magic spell book & asking the staff to find it, surprising people in bookstores.
# We will study muggles through the eyes of wizards.
# We will have a group photoshoot, & house photoshoots.
# Lunch with fellow Harry Potter fans to discuss the upcoming movie & the series.
# We will all point our wands towards the sky in tribute to Dumbledore, the Potter series & an action of thanks for all these years of such wonderful stories that J.K. Rowling has shared with us.

You can find out more from their Facebook event page, but if this kind of tomfoolery is anything to go by I’ll be steering well clear…


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