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This new parenting book hasn’t even been released yet and it’s already number one on the Amazon hit list by pre-prders alone.

EDIT: This gets even better. Check out the full story of how internet piracy and a great e-book title can get you to the top of Amazon before you’ve even put a book together. (via the Bay Citizen)

Good advice

Chapters include:

You’re getting a smack. And it’s going to hurt.
This Christmas, you’re getting one present.
Your team lost. Get over it.
You do not have ADHD, OCD or AC/DC.

via The Punch


Scarface, 1983

You know those ideas that are so rad and so new that when someone tells you about them you don’t really care… And then you actually see what they are talking about and BAM you understand why they were so excited in the first place?

These things are those that are them.

Entire movies, condensed into a single barcode image.


The Proposition, 2005

You can even buy some sweet prints of them for your wall.
And no, we don’t make any commission on them… I may just buy one too.


Slumdog Millionaire, 2008

Check out the entire list here  


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